How long does it take to convert the CoffeeRacer from a table into a sim (once the steering wheel has been installed)?

  • Conversion should be done before your system/game is booted, 60 seconds should be sufficient to get you from standing next to the CoffeeRacer into a race.

Is it more a piece of furniture or a wheelstand?

  • The CoffeeRacer 'Living' is designed to be a piece of high end furniture that an interior stylist would approve AND very stable racing simulator for console racers that take lap times seriously (no flex, no movement). The CoffeeRacer 'Play' is primarily a semi-professional simrig with the added functionality of stowing it away in a luxurious box

What steering wheel should I use?

  • We feel the Logitech G series has the best fit, the shape and the materials used & cable management match the CoffeeRacer best. If you want to have the best racing experience we recommend the Logitech pro or Fanatec CSL DD (pro) for the 'Living' and the Simucube sport 2 for the 'Play', For the larger wheel/wheelbases you might need to take off the wheel to fold everything into the box

What simulator can I best compare it to?

  • Basically the CoffeeRacer is unique. We see versatility of a wheelstand, the stiffness and performance of a high end simrig, the looks of a motion sim and a level of practicality that is unprecedented! Combine this with the comfort of your favourite seat in the house and your primary TV/monitor the racing experience can be exceptionally well

Does the CoffeeRacer move under heavy braking?

  • The CoffeeRacers including steering wheel are relatively heavy, this means that in many conditions it does not move under normal operation. To be sure it doesn’t move under any circumstance we have included anti slip strips/feet. These can also be used to prevent your couch from sliding. The CoffeeRacer play including the desk chair mount even facilitates heavier load cell pedals

What else do I need to race besides a CoffeeRacer?

  • A couch or lounge seat near a TV or a desk chair near a screen
  • A game console mostly (X-box or PlayStation) or a PC
  • A race game (such as Iracing, Gran turismo, assetto corsa, F1, Dirt Rally or Forza)
  • A steering wheel/pedal set (e.g. from Logitech, Thrustmaster or Fanatec)
  • Possibly extension cables for Power and USB

Should I get the table (large tray) or the plantstand (small tray) for the 'living'?

  • This depends on what fits best in your interior and the negotiations with your partner, however for frequent racers we have a preference for the table as it takes less movements to get it into racing position

Doesn’t the box interfere with my legs?

  • The average couch Hight is 42 cm and the CoffeeRacer 'living' is 40cm. Extensive testing shows that by adjusting your pedal set and how much you ‘slouch’ on the seat.you can find a perfect racing position on couches as low as 37 CMs without he box interfering with your legs. Our test results show that children up to adults (2.05m) can race for hours, very comfortably! The 'play' and the 'go' have a lowered edge to accomodate the desk chair mount.