An 8 year old boy gets into a go-cart to prepare for a school talk, the kid carts all have a malfunction and he gets to drive the big cart with a couple of pillows in his back. The racing virus is installed


Two self-proclaimed 'students' are hosting a LAN party in their apartment. Everybody is sitting on their self-built furniture; a mix of MDF and used car parts. In the corner of the room is a single wheelstand constructed from MDF, not painted, cables all over the place. "One day, when we can afford it, we will host LAN parties with multiple wheelstands so we can race each other"   


Starting in the corporate rat race they learn that when you start working/living in Amsterdam there is actually less money to spend on racing gear and less time to race. The old car parts are losing their charm and eventually the wheelstand becomes hard to justify to your girlfriend. "I'll make sure we have a nice racing setup once we have a room to spare"


A 33 year old 'boy' is refurbishing a slightly bigger apartment in Amsterdam. Actual racing is still beyond the financial possibilities and still no space for a racing simulator. The first Coffee Racer is born, built in one afternoon, from MDF and two door hinges. Positioned into the corner, with a plant on it, the interior looks more mature than you would expect with a wheelstand in it. "Why didn't I come up with this before!?"


A couple is renovating a new house in Amsterdam Noord, whilst living in a shed. The original CoffeeRacer was scrapped to facilitate the move. As soon as the house is done 'enough' the new and improved CoffeeRacer is built. No space for a plant stand, so this time a used teak table is converted into a closed coffee table, that when flipped over turns into a CoffeeRacer. "Why did nobody else come up with something like this by now!?" 


A couple sees the opportunity to fulfill their childhood dreams. The garage is teared down and replaced with a mancave (with a bathtub). Even though there is plenty of space for 2 full racing sims it seemed like a better idea to build two CoffeeRacers so the room can also be used for fitness, beers, DYI and as a playroom for the new additions to the family. This time the CoffeeRacer is made from steel to make them as small as possible and with a lid so it can be operated more easily. "We are living the dream, but can I help others with the same dream!?".


They decide installing doors in the mancave can wait. People are complaining about being bored in their houses. The extra spare time due to Covid would best be spent developing something that can make others enjoy their time at home more. Three more prototypes were created, to ensure the CoffeeRacer works with different steering wheels, different couches and different sized persons. The first one still at home, the next two are designed and built together with luxury furniture maker in the Netherlands with 45 years of experience in the production for various luxurious brands. The CoffeeRacer available for ordering is the 7th version and we want to keep learning until  everybody wanting to race at home can do so!




So the problem for console racers in the livingroom is solved, The feedback is great but the price is not for everyone and there are quite some requests from the PC racing community to create a solution for desk PC users. The CoffeeRacer 'Play' is born, with the revolutionary desk chair mount!


Without low labour country production the prices will remain incomparable with other sim racing solutions out there, but true to the mission (and actual requests), using the same smart engineering and advanced production methods CoffeeRacer set out to make an entry level model. The cheapest to date. Compromising on not being able to support pro wheels, the lightest and most transportable CoffeeRacer is developed. Next to this the requests of the virtual rally drivers and drifters are answered by launching a shifter/handbrake mount. Lastly considering the surge of direct drive wheels a direct drive wheel mount is added to the assortment