(Free) Shipping

EU shipments are handed over to our carrier within 2 working days. Non EU shipments are handed over to our carrier in 4 working days due to the creation of customs documentation

The weight of the CoffeeRacer is a testament to the quality of our products and it supports an exceptionally stable racing experience, however this weight also comes at a shipment cost: 

  NL EU Europe non EU USA
CoffeeRacer 'Living' €0,- €0,- €88,- €99,-
CoffeeRacer 'Play' €0,- €0,- €88,- €99,-
CoffeeRacer 'Go' €0,- €0,- €44,- €49,-
Accessories €0,- €15,- €29,- €15,-


Non EU customers will not pay VAT on our website but will be asked by the carrier to pay their local VAT/import duties when/before the product arrives.

Shipments to other continents cannot be processed trough the website due to large differences and high volatility in shipping cost, For stocked products we offer the option to place an order via e-mail against actual transportation cost.