The company 

CoffeeRacer B.V is a small company based in the Netherlands. CoffeeRacer aims to make Sim racing available for a broader audience through innovative solutions and collaboration with a small group of partners.

The founder of CoffeeRacer is Arnoud Landzaat, a big4 management consultant that redesigns large organisations for a living. Partnering up with a luxury furniture manufacturer (Hieselaar B.V.), a logistic service provider (Van Galen), and an e-commerce partner (Shopify) resulted in a collaboration needed to launch CoffeeRacer. (still looking for a marketing partner).

With local (Dutch) design, engineering and production we take pride in the quality of our products and we have the ability to improve our products in every production batch!  Therefore our community is very important to us, not only do they invest in the development of CoffeeRacer products, also they provide the feedback on potential improvements.

Market developments

Traditionally Sim racers could be split in two groups: 

  1. The 'die hard' 'simracers', with a 5k to 20k sim rig prominently in their house, and;
  2. The 'gamers' that bolted a sim wheel to their desk or entry level simrig in a corner to expand their gaming setups (300 to a 1000 euro's).

However high pace developments (direct drive/load cell/VR/high-end graphics) have brought realism and immersion to new Levels, which has resulted in a specific 'simracers' 'sub group': the actual real life racing drivers now adopted simracing as a standard part of their routines.

Not to long ago the materials used by pro teams were really expensive, so other then pro teams, only bought by the 'simracing before life' group and the 'money to burn' group. but now there is a wide variety of pro grade materials available for a fraction of the old prices.

This opens the market for a new simracer. We believe that there are lots of (closeted) car enthusiasts out there that would appreciate the occasional race with their friends from the comfort of their homes, as long as it is immersive, the price matches the occasional nature and it is not too impractical.

The lack of immersion and hassle of a desk based setup is not for them, neither does it makes sense (to their partner) to allocate 15k worth of floorspace in their house to a simrig for occasional use.

Our customers/community

CoffeeRacer has a broad range of products to support the existing 'simracers' that need to free up space (a family?) and the 'gamers' that want the next step in convenience and immersion. But in essence our envisioned community cannot be bothered by labels such as ‘gamer’ or ‘simracer’ we want the most of live and the most out of our homes. Lapping the real Nordschleife in 10 minutes like Sabine, but in our personal straight-6 car. touring the alps on our motorbike, Racing an F1 car like max virtually with our friends and enjoy work, life, sports, drinks and possibly parenting in between!

Our mission

We are lowering the threshold to fulfil the (slumbering) needs of all people that liked miniature cars when they were young! If not impractical or expensive, in 10 years, why shouldnt every household have the ability to enjoy racing amongst eachother or with friends online!?